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Who we are

We are an enthusiastic and dynamic team developing the best accessible tools that lead to autonomy for people with disabilities for them to thrive in whatever path they wish.

Our team is spread all over the world and shares the same passion for empowerment and inclusion, with a mindset of listening to the PwD community and specialists first. That way, we can evolve our solutions to best suit them. And this has been in our DNA since the early days:

It all started with the zeal of a man. Gleison was born in Brazil with cerebral palsy but wanted to devise a solution to his roadblocks to learning. He did not stop trying due to physical inabilities and graduated with a major in computer science because he was using a head pointer! Though it took him eight years to graduate, he came up with a great idea that changed the lives of thousands like him and many more who had lost hope of progression.


We developed the Key-X, a keyboard that consists of nine buttons with him. Through combinations of colors and symbols, we enable people with physical, motor, and intellectual disabilities to communicate, learn, and engage. That started our journey into research and innovation of assistive tech, which made us realize that we would need more technologies if we wanted to support more and more PwD as in our mission. This snowballed into a cohesive set of holistic technologies we proudly represent today. 

With this assistive technology bouquet, we kickstarted our success worldwide with highly notable awards: Singularity University and BerkeleyHaas in the USA, Kryptolabs and GITEX in the UAE, MIT Pan Arab in Saudi Arabia, Hicool in China, Startup Chile, Best in class in Impact EdTech in collaboration with European Schoolnet, amongst many other awards and recognitions that led to a series of alliances and partnerships. And this is just the beginning. We want to change the way they are educated. We want this process to speed up and be consistent in using our technologies so that they become more independent and are economically sustainable in the future.

Our mission is to drive greater access and use of mobile technologies for People of Determination in emerging markets and maximize social and economic inclusion opportunities.