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Our solutions provide endless possibilities for improving the learning process of students with disabilities. Our solutions offer several ways of using a computer or mobile device for writing, playing games, attending computer-assisted lessons and much more.

Determined people and their families

Empower a person to autonomously use computers and mobile devices. We give them confidence, autonomy, privacy, and, in many cases, a compelling new way of communicating with the families and other people.

Institutions, Foundations and Rehabilitation Clinics

It is a powerful tool for several kinds of rehabilitation therapies attended by people of Determination such as the consequences of cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, ALS, strokes, Parkinson's disease, congenital malformation, amputations, and many others. Professionals who take significant advantage of TiX with patients include occupational therapists, phono audiologists and physiotherapists.

Collaboration with Professionals

These awesome professionals are always searching for the best tools and solutions for PoD. Now they will be able to use our solution to expand their possibilities.

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