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Accessibility & Inclusion
The Key-X

Introducing the Key-X

multifunctional keyboard and mouse

The Key-X

The device that redefines the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The Key-X is an innovative resource, which replaces the keyboard and mouse via an electronic panel with 11 touch-sensitive keys, allowing the user to enter characters and computer commands using just nine keys that are triggered sequentially in pairs, with total and precise control of the mouse pointer intuitively, which gives autonomy to people with motor limitations to control a computer. 

However, offering every function of the keyboard and mouse with total accessibility is just a detail. 

The strategic positioning of the keys, with much larger dimensions and more spaced out than conventional keyboards, greatly facilitates their actuation and enables even operating the unit with the feet or the blink of an eye. The colorful buttons and symbols are based on pedagogical research and developed by specialists that made them accessible and engaging.

In addition, Key-X is compatible with most adaptive switches already in the market, making its use possible even for those who have the minimum conditions for carrying out active movements. The keyboard works directly on any computer, tablet, and smartphone that runs Windows, Mac iOS, Android and Linux operating systems.

The innovation dispenses the need for any specific software, allowing immediate typing and control of the computer, browsing the Internet, using social networks, playing games and learn.

It’s simple, easy and provides people with disabilities the full use of computers in a practical and innovative way!

The Key-X does much further. In conjunction with the Simplix software and its accessories, the Key-X makes up an amazing platform of digital accessibility, school inclusion and rehabilitation, capable of developing the motor and cognitive skills of students and patients with physical and intellectual disabilities.


Accessories for the Key-X

Acrylic Guard

The guard is a removable acrylic mask with holes that coincide with each key of the Key-X, preventing the user with motor difficulties from activating the neighboring keys involuntarily!

Adaptative switch triggered by the eye blink


The A-blinx is a switch composed of a small electronic sensor that can be easily attached to the stem of any eyeglass frame.

When properly positioned, the sensor is capable of detecting the user’s blink of the eye, making a momentary electrical contact be executed for the realization of simple commands in a computer or electronic device such as the Key-X.

Main Features


Wired pressure trigger


People with several motor impairments and little voluntary movement can control other devices pressing this mechanical trigger even with less force, using short movements of the upper or lower limbs or the head.

Pressure air trigger


X-Queeze is a pneumatic trigger that acts by means of the pressure exerted on an airbag that can capture the movement of the person with a disability and turn it into an electrical and audible signal. You can also interact with your computer, simulating the pressing of a key. The difference between this and other devices on the market is that X-Queeze is fully adaptable to the user, both ergonomically and at the level of physical stimulation.

This means that even a person with minimal movement in his body can use it. The sensor format (a bladder) makes it can be adapted in any part of the body where the person has more mobility.


Typing accelerator


Fluentix is a typing accelerator with a build-in text preview designed to make typing after and less energy-intensive for those who use the Key-X.
This intuitive keyboard software makes typing much easier by suggesting words that are frequently used. As a word is typed, one of the FluentiX suggestions is selected and the user can complete the word quickly by simply touching the two keys next to the suggestion in sequence.

In addition, Fluentix adapts intuitively to your vocabulary, making writing increasingly fluent. Fluentix is compatible with Windows operating systems from XP onwards and can be easily downloaded.

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