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Special students

And Teachers

We understand the cause.

Every day, in AEE rooms and in regular schools, educators suffer from the scarcity of adequate resources for the care of the students with disabilities. To overcome this obstacle to the quality of education, we have created, together with these professionals, the most daring set of assistive technology tools ever developed for special education.

Intellectual disability and disorders.

In the care of students with cognitive deficits of various natures, the Simplix software is a tool as powerful as it is intuitive for the teachers. Dragging pictures and sounds to a virtual board on the computer screen, the educator creates individualized psychomotor activities within minutes. The student, then, performs the tasks by associating the images with the colored symbols of the Key-X Smart Keyboard.

Motor disability with preserved cognition.

In regular classrooms, in special education, or on computers, students with severe motor impairments can use the Key-X and its accessories to have autonomy in writing, close communication, and the use of the computer.

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