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Special Education as a Service
A unique amalgamative service that makes any classroom inclusive.

Special students

And Teachers

We understand the cause.

We have realized that people with physical and motor skills disabilities have severe difficulty in expression and are often ignored due to their inability to showcase their intellectual ability. However, with proper intellectual stimulation, especially in early childhood for children, can significantly accelerate their progress. Special educators, occupational therapists and parents have a hard time to come up with ways to communicate or tutor them and the whole process does not address the problem and is extremely cumbersome. On the other hand, only a fraction can afford assistive technology as they are usually very expensive and can be afforded only by a handful.

Cognitive and learning difficulties.

In the care of students with cognitive and learning difficulties, the Simplix software is a tool as powerful as it is intuitive for the teachers. Dragging pictures and sounds to a virtual board on the computer screen, the educator creates individualized psychomotor activities within minutes. The student, then, performs the tasks by associating the images with the colored symbols of the Key-X.

Fine motor skills disabilities.

In classrooms students lacking in fine motor skills can engage with other children, using the Key2enable solution as platform to bring them together.

Watch Julia's inclusive journey

She was not attending classes because her teachers could not measure how much she could learn. As soon as she got our keyboard, she returned to the classroom with her classmates! This was a crucial step towards one more champion to start her inclusive journey.

Julia also became one of the best in math among all her classmates for two years in a row because, incredibly, she took her time to study and explore the Internet to keep learning.

First time

The thrill and joy of typing your name for the first time in your life it’s a unique moment when you have an involved educator with the right tool.

Engagement and curiosity

Here you see a gifted child, Joao Paulo, playing along with Amanda. In a real-world scenario, this wouldn’t have been possible without the Key-X.

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