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Who we are


Key2enable is a Brazilian-American startup, also present in the UAE, UK, Chile and in the US, building a new way to teach children with motor, intellectual, and physical disabilities using in-house developed Assistive Technology. 

It is the first and only assistive EdTech company to come up with an A-Z holistic solution for people with disabilities. Our main edge is that we are not limited or constricted in any way. Our solution applies to all spectrum disabilities and what’s better is that it can also be used by people without disabilities as well. 

What we do

We developed an essential set of Assistive Technology that helps children with disabilities that are unable to use computers and mobile devices due to motion limitations or lack of fine-motor coordination using leading-edge technology such as Cognitive Stimulation to offer a holistic solution for educational purposes.
It is a cohesive amalgamation of sturdy variant hardware and 360-degree customizable software that delivers a game-changing educational experience while addressing more than 80% of all disabilities.
Special Education

What we make

Our solution brings digital accessibility by providing innovative tools for accessing computers and mobile devices with greater autonomy, even using eye blinks or slight body gestures, for communicating, learning, gaming and lifestyle preferences. Our product bouquet includes:

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